Friday, December 25, 2009

LA Class Submarine

Masterpiece Models responded to a request for quote from the US Navy to
quote on an 18' long replica of a Los Angles class attack sub cutaway model.
this model is to replace an aging model that is already in the US Submarine Force Museum in Groton CT.
Since this Submarine is still in active duty finding blueprints was a bit of
trouble. after scouring the internet and being turned down by the Navy. We found
the blueprints in the most unlikely of places, an RC Boat Newsgroup. considering
the blueprints are supposed to be Top Secret.

The models construction is out of 1/8" styrene sheet formed over urethane foam plugs.
The hull sections are then glued together creating the overall shape.

The images below represent the progress of the interior decks and bulkheads. Just an FYI: this post is for the gang at the Subcommittee
Message boards please visit the Subcommitte it is a great site for anything and everything related to Submarines.

We are now on the final stretch of the LA Class Submarine for the US NAVY Submarine Force Museum. We will be shipping the model on February 13th for arrival on the 18th of February.

Due to a lack of information on the still classified sub. We can only guess at what
the sub really looks like inside. We did have some interior images but budget constraints only allowed us to place so much detail

Aft of the periscopes

Back up diesel engines the empty space above will be the galley and ward rooms

Reactor Room

Maneuvering Room

Captains Quarters

Crew Bunks

Forward Part of the Main Engine Room

Rick working away

Special thanks to Bob, Ed, Ric, Don, Bruce and Rick for the effort put forth on this project